Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Students, faculty, staff log in with your University NetID and password.  Guests are not able to log in.

How can a parent or relative make a deposit?
Click "Make a guest deposit" on the login page.  No need to login.  Please be sure to know the student CWID # that is receiving the deposit!

How long before the money appears on my Red Hawk account?
Immediately!  Once the credit card transaction successfully processes, the money is instantly added to your Red Hawk account.

I see my credit\debit card has been charged, however the funds are not posted to the Red Hawk Dollars account.  How do I get my money back on my credit\debit card?
If your credit card has been authorized for the purchase but a system problem prevented the funds from being added to the Red Hawk Dollars account, the transaction has automatically been voided.  The funds will be returned to your credit\debit card based on the terms of the issuing bank of your credit\debit card.  This can take 2-5 business days depending on the issuing bank's policy.

Why can't I see my balances on the mobile app?
Please make sure you are using the current app.  The Red Hawk Dollars app has been replaced with the eAccounts app. 

How do I make a deposit using the eAccounts mobile app?
In order to make a deposit using the eAccounts app, you must first save a payment method on your account on the eAccounts website.

I am being prompted to register my customer information, do I need to do this?
Yes, in order to review your transactions and link your information, you must register your customer information with your CWID #.

Can I upload my photo through the eAccounts app?
No, you must do that through the eAccounts website.

How do I upload my photo?
Log into the eAccounts website, click "Profile" and follow the prompts.  Remember, your photo should resemble a state ID\driver's license or passport photo.